The SoulPulse Study

feature-trackThe SoulPulse study (at is an ongoing smartphone-based study of spirituality and well-being. Participants receive two surveys a day, via text message, for 14 days. In these brief surveys, they report what they are doing and feeling at that exact moment. Over five thousand participants have enrolled already, and the data are being analyzed to understand better how spirituality and well-being work in everyday life. This study is funded by the John Templeton Foundation.

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The SoulPulse team includes:
Roy Baumeister, psychology at Florida State University
Chris Ellison, sociology at the University of Texas at San Antonio
Jamie Kucinskas, sociology at Hamilton College
Jeremy Pais, sociology at the University of Connecticut
Crystal Park, psychology at the University of Connecticut
Lynn Underwood, epidemiology
John Ortberg, pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church
Rick Blackmon, psychology
Luke Knepper, computer programmer
David Carreon, psychiatry at Stanford University
Brad Wright (principle investigator), sociology at the University of Connecticut