2 Books (So Far)

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Winner of the Christianity Today Book of the Year Award for Christianity and Culture

“Sociologist Brad Wright shatters popular myths by sifting through the best available data. He reveals how Christians are doing when it comes to everything from marriage and morality to church growth and public perception. While not all the news is good, it turns out there is a wealth of encouraging information that we’re not being told… discover what’s really happening in American Christianity.”

“This is an extremely needed book that is a delight to read.”
—Rodney Stark, Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences, Baylor University.

“Brad Wright pulls together a lot of good facts in these pages to reconnect people to reality. Let us hope that the misinformed critics and alarmists pay attention.”
—Christian Smith, Professor of Sociology, University of Notre Dame

“Buy this book and read it carefully. Then buy one more and give it to your best friend and ask that person to do the same thing. I hope that this book goes viral because it shows that there’s a lot of good news when it comes to the condition of the church in the West.”
—Scot McKnight, Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies, North Park University

“With wit and wisdom, Wright uses scholarly means to serve kingdom ends, defusing anxiety about the American evangelical prospect and reigniting vision. It’s a work of both smart debunking and kind edification, utterly necessary in a time of statistically aided ideological warfare.”
—Christianity Today

“Wright wants to help Christians think more sanely about the state of American Christianity. But his modest aim and casual tone belie the gift that he gives the church: an even-handed presentation of the conclusions of the discipline of sociology with a frank admission of its limitations. The reader will be wiser for having read this book.”
—Books & Culture



“Many Christians have an impending sense of doom about our country and the world. But are their fears based on reality or myth? In this book Wright examines issues of concern to Christians, including poverty, sickness, sexual morality, the environment, and the global church. Did you know that global poverty has been cut in half over the last several decades? That infant deaths have decreased dramatically in recent years? That Christianity is a growing and influential force in Asia and Africa? Maybe the world isn’t in a downward spiral after all. In an age of pessimism, this book offers good news to Christian readers looking for glimpses of hope.”

“Bradley Wright has written a terrific book.”
—John Ortberg, author and pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

“Brad Wright has done it again! Reading Upside is the ideal vacation — you feel refreshed and you want to tell everyone about it.”
—Scot McKnight, Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies, North Park University

“Bradley Wright brings broad knowledge and a sense of humor to helping readers understand what’s gotten better–and what still needs work.”
—Joel Best, Professor of Sociology, University of Delaware and bestselling author