Using Hypothetical Limitations to Make Better Plans

We recently returned from a vacation to the Caribbean island Guadeloupe, and other than my youngest son being outraged this morning that it was too cold out to wear flip-flops, we’re surviving the reentry into New England winter. In reflecting on our vacation, I’ve noticed a pattern that I’ve seen in my life before about […]

Three reasons that having an internal motivation matters, a lot, for Christian leaders

In early spring every year, not long after the crocus bloom, I get out my bicycle. It’s silver in color with large, narrow wheels, a black bag above the rear wheel and with several water bottle holders. It’s ten years old and has some well-earned rust spots. It’s a joy to ride. Riding it is like […]

Asking “please” gives people the energy to get things done

When my youngest son, Floyd, was 4 years old, we were visiting a family member in Italy, where she and her family were living for a year. This family member is an earnest, dedicated, and accomplished cook. One night, all of us crowded around the table in a small apartment kitchen, the main dish came out—calamari […]